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Running shoes?

I run 5 miles a day, 5 days a week. My favorite running shoe is the Nike Free. I love the way they feel like you are running barefoot. I have been told that they don%26#039;t offer enough support and are bad for my ankles and knees. I have tried other shoes that are more supportive but I feel like I am wearing lead shoes. Does anyone else run in Free%26#039;s, and are they really bad for me?

Running shoes?
I don%26#039;t know about the Nike Free, but as long as you switch gradually even running completely barefoot is very healthy. See source for several links.
Reply:Your best bet would be to go to a local running store and get fit for some shoes. They can let you know what shoe they think is best for you. They will watch you run, check your stride if you underpronate, overpronate or neutral..etc.

Its the best investment you%26#039;ll make.

Nike, IMHO isnt one of the best makers for running shoes. Have you consider Saucony, Asics, Salomon..New Balance? There are so many better shoes out there.
Reply:You are putting a pretty decent weekely mileage, so you need a shoe with maximum cushioning but in a lightweight form. Also, Nike shoes are made for neutral runners. This means that the ankle does not roll inward atall when these people run and their arch remains rigid and uncollapsed. You need to determine if you are a neutral runner. Have some watch you walk and see if your ankle rolls inward when you walk. If not, stay with the shoes you have or go to a running shoe store and try the asics nimbus, mizuno wave rider, or brooks glycerin. If your ankle does roll inward, thst means you pornate and you need a stability shoe. Try the new balance 767, brooks adrenaline, brooks axiom 2, or the mixuno nirvana.
Reply:no i love to run barefoot too
Reply:Wear what fits you best, and feels best. Some people do not need support. Depending on the surface you may not need much cushion in your shoes. I don%26#039;t think any one shoe is good or bad for all people. When you find something that works for you that is what you should use.
Reply:i don%26#039;t wear Free%26#039;s but try asics, there best for running, and ask the peopel that work there, they have different kind of shoes for different events, like sprinters have it lifted, so your running on the balls of your feet, and so you wan one that%26#039;s leveled


Running Shoes???

How do I know what running shoes to buy???

Im not worried about the cost I just need good shoes

I have collapsed arches and everytime I go into a store to buy shoes they all feel fine but when I run they dont always work. So how do I know which shoes? any good questions to ask the associates or any suggestions of shoes?

Running Shoes???
go to a specialized running store and ask a sales person to help you. explain to them your problem. they might give you a insertable thing called super feet. or you could go and get customized orthopedics.
Reply:this question is one of the most popular running questions that is good because shoes are a runner%26#039;s most important tool.

running shoes vary from person to person. they depend on running style, form of your foot,

I would recommend looking for a store called A Snail%26#039;s Pace Running Shop near you. They%26#039;ll analyze your foot form and type (arch width/length) and your stride (how you run). Usually, they make you step on a memory foam to see the shape of your footprint. They ask you what your plans are for running (trails, track, cement, long distance etc.) Then, they%26#039;ll recommend the best shoe for your needs.

Here%26#039;s a link to their page


you can also find a Road Runner. They%26#039;ll do pretty much the same thing.

what I like about Road Runner is that they%26#039;ll let you run on the shoes for a few minutes [no charge] to see how you feel them.

Here%26#039;s a link to a handout my XC coach made about Running Shoes. It%26#039;s really helpful.


good luck and happy runnin%26#039;

P.S: most running shoe stores will give you a 10% discount if you tell them you%26#039;re a student and shoes your school ID [esp. Road Runner]


Running Shoes?

Hi, I%26#039;m 14 years old, male, 100 pounds. I need help with my running shoes.

I don%26#039;t have flat feet, I have an arch, sorry if I don%26#039;t know specifics, but I definitely don%26#039;t have flat feet.

I run a mile on alternating days, like Monday, Tuesday off, Wednesday, Thursday off, etc.

When I run I run on a treadmill, usually not inclined, but I plan to, and I run at 4 miles an hour, but am hoping to get better than that.

My major problem running is that my knee joints don%26#039;t feel too great after running, it%26#039;s not unbearable pain, just not pleasant.

Based on this information, even if it%26#039;s little, can anyone help me decide between the following pairs of shoes?:

(ASICS) GEL-Kayano® 14

GEL-Nimbus® 9

Running Shoes?
What it comes down to is how much you pronate (ie. if and how much your ankle, knee, and hip line up when standing straight up barefoot. Just go to your local running store; the prices might be a bit higher than a big conglomerate like Sports Authority, but the employees will know exactly what you%26#039;re looking for, so the extra pice is worth it. Knee pain while you%26#039;re running can worsen over time, and cause tendonitis, and even muscle and ligament strains, so make sure you get the right pair of shoes.
Reply:these are both great shoes. however it sounds like you need support. go for the nimbus
Reply:1. Try both pairs of shoes on, and jog around the store in them. Some running shoe stores will even let you take them out in the parkinglot to see how they feel.

2. Also walk around with one on each foot to feel a difference. Some people prefer more cushion, or more support.

I%26#039;ve run in the Gel nimbus 8%26#039;s, and I currently have the Kayano 13%26#039;s (women%26#039;s). Both are good sturdy shoes, and I%26#039;ve put 400 miles on the Kayano%26#039;s.

3. Go to a specialty running store and ask them to watch you run. They can see if you overpronate/underpronate your foot when you run. (usually on a treadmill).


Running Shoes.?

OK im asking for some personal expirience here. I have had my Saucony Progrid trigon 5 shoes since mid december, and i%26#039;ve worn them all through conditioning all the way through my last track meet. and im getting ready for summer miles, (which i just start) and i want a new pair with LOTS of cushioning, since i plan to run 450+ miles this summer, I liked the Saucony shoe, so I wouldn%26#039;t mind staying with them, but the other brands for flats (NOT RACING FLATS) im unexpirience and unknowledgable in, so please help me? What running flat have you had the most success in and comfort...

ps. LOTS OF CUSHIONING (i get shin splints and knee pain very easy especially on longer runs like the summer)


Running Shoes.?
Wow! That is a lot of mileage. First of all, you said that you get shin splints and knee pain very easy. Did you ever think about going to a podietrist to see if orthotics would help you. A good set of orthotics can make a world of difference for any runner. Next, about those shin splints, try stretching your calf muscles more, try these 2 stretches:

1.) stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and point your toes in than bend your knees.

2.) Stand 8-10 inches away from a wall, again stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and point your toes in. Than keeping your legs straight put your hips up against the wall.

you will fee both of those stretches if you have never done them.

Now for your shoes. Since you are doing a lot of mileage, you will not only need a shoe that has plenty of cushion but it will need to be able to take a beating and it will need to be a lighter shoe. I am going to assume that you will be running mostly on pavement or concrete during all of these miles. The Mizuno Wave Creation is a great distance shoe. It has a new cushioning technology that has been getting some good reviews, it has a carbon rubber heel which makes them a more durable shoe and the upper is made of mesh which allows more ventilation and lowers the weight of the shoe.

But...if you want a more lightweight cushioned shoe the Saucony Grid Tangent is the best way to go. It comes in under 10 oz and it has impact zones built into the shoe that have extra cushioning. Good luck and have fun

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Running shoes?

I just have a few questions about running shoes.

1 Is it really worth blowing a hundred dollars for a pair of running shoes?(I a 14 year old with little cash to spend on such expensive shoes)For example, has anyone bought cheap shoes and ended up being injured because of the shoes?

2 How often should a runner replace his/her shoes?(I usually run about 4 miles five days a week)

3 What is the running shoe for the money?

Running shoes?
I work at a specialty running store in California and im also a competitive runner. I have worked with running shoes for years and know that brands like asics, brooks, new balance, nike, misuno, adidas, sacony and a few others have great long distance running shoes. It all depends on what type of shoe you need (neutral, stability and motion control) and how you want it to feel. If you over pronate (your feet and/or ankle role inward) than you need a shoe with some stability (stability=grey material on the inner arch of the shoe or with mizuno is more radical wave like on the Inspire) to support your foot so it can run neutrally. A neutral shoe has white all around the base and is for people who supinate (roll out while toeing off) or for people who don’t over pronate. Motion control is for people who over pronate like crazy or for rare conditions like surgery on the foot.

Each brand caries all three types of shoes; they just feel different for each brand.

Asics and Brooks are two brands that have a happy medium feel where most of the population will buy a shoe from them so it’s safe to by from them and if you don’t like them; try New Balance.


This is a list of what foot type usually works with each brand (this is not always right, but it is most of the time).

Adidas: high arch

Sacony: high arch

Nike: normal to high arch

Asics: normal to high arch

Brooks: normal to low arch

Mizunno: normal to low arch

New Balance: low arch


When you buy a running shoe the price should be about $85 and up for a new style. If you go to an all-a-round sports store, the shoe should cost $65 and up unless you’re buying an Asics 2110 for $45. The shoes around $85 dollars and up usually are lighter and last longer. A good place to buy shoes is the running center or www.runningcenters.com

(all online orders are 10% off)

Shoe life:

Depending on your weight and how you run, the shoe should last about 400-500 miles until you need a new pair. Running on worn-out shoes is one of the best ways to get injured. I have see shoes last about 900, but don’t chance it.

I have a high arch and a couple shoes work for me.

I currently run in asics (DS trainers), nike (Vomero), New Balance (1061) with a DS trainer liner. I race in adidas (adizero). I still want a pair of the new brooks (Adrenalin) and I know they work for me and feel good.

I use different shoes for different workouts; that’s why I have so many (I also work at a running store so get a BIG discount and some are free for testing^_^).
Reply:as a runner I always believed in getting new running shoes every 3 months. you can get good running shoes for cheap. usually you can tell when it is time because the sole of the shoe gets hard. The only time I got expensive with my running shoes was when I was buying my spikes. 40 to 50 dollars usually bought me quality running shoes. 100% injury free

My personal records

400 48.1


mile 4:36.6 3rd at state

5000 16:44

dont think because you buy expensive shoes that you will run faster. its the work that your willing to put into it that counts.
Reply:I work for Saucony, I%26#039;m a product technical adviser for running shoes. I have been in the running industry for almost 12 years and I%26#039;m a runner myself. You can call me at my office ar 67488890 to make an appointment to get your feet check and I will personally recommend the most suitable shoes for your running.
Reply:You got hurt that should tell you something. Many serious runners get hurt because of the wrong shoes. A great source for the information you are looking for is in Runner%26#039;s World.

You can go to a local Library and read the magazine and perhaps ask for a subscription for a gift!
Reply:yes it is worth spending the money maybe i just say that bc i love track. but anyway u can buy cheep shoes like old nikies they dont have to be that season. the older the season the cheeper the shoes so check outt he seasons. i am bout to replace my shoes and i go them like 10th grade and i am now in 12th and i run indoor track outdoor track and summer track.
Reply:no you can get a decent pair for $50 look for sales

get the $100 pr only when on sale never pay full price

are you trying for the olympics?? dint think so

save your money
Reply:1. YES. Shoes are the most expensive item you%26#039;ll need. But you NEED them.

2. Others have answered already.

3. I love Saucony, Asics, %26amp; New Balance.

Good Luck
Reply:You can buy good shoes from Eastbay (online) for $50.00 or even less. You can get good shoes from Big Five sporting goods for way less than $100.00. DON%26#039;T BUY SOME CHEAP SHOE JUST BECAUSE IT IS CHEAP! You%26#039;ll hate them and end up investing in a good pair anyway. Look for Nike, New Balance or Asics. Watch the shoes for wear and tear---you%26#039;ll get hundreds and hundreds of miles out of a good pair. Last book I checked said 1,000 miles. Save your running shoes for running only and take care of them.
Reply:You need a good shoe. If you live in a large city there will be several running stores and you can get a good shoe on sale. I have never paid that much for good brand name shoes. Cheap shoes, besides not preventing injury, will not last as long as a good shoe, so they cost more. Depending on the surface the shoe should last several months. You need to look at the shoe and see if it si wearing or has lost its cushion. Any major brand is a good shoe for the money. What you need to find is a model that fits your foot, feels good, gives you the support and cushion you need, and is a good value. Again if there are several stores around they will put shoes on sale so look around.
Reply:If you are going to run, buy the expensive shoes! Running in cheap shoes can, and will!, hurt you!

Runners are supposed to replace their shoes every 300-500 miles, depending on the surface you run on, I guess,

I don%26#039;t get the last question.
Reply:well im a 15 yr old and i ahve ran track forever it depends on wat event ur running in or if ur just running out on the sidewalk if ur running on the sidewalk dont spend no hundreds of dollars cause u get them dirty to easily..... just spend bout 50 to 60 bucks and ur good to go
Reply:1. Yes it is worth it buying quality shoes, but you don%26#039;t always have to pay that much. Some good shoes can go for $75-$100, or you can also buy good 05 and 06 models for around $50 or $60.

2. You should replace your shoes around every 6 months, and maybe less if you%26#039;re running on pavement most of the time. Once your feet start to hurt or your shoe is wearing down, you should think about new shoes.

3. The best running shoe for the money is whatever is right for you. Differnet shoes fit different people. A lot of people like the Asics Gel, but those were completely wrong for me. The trick is to go to a running store (I went to Fleet Feet, check online if there is one near you), and they will evaluate your running style and your feet, and help you choose what is right for you. That is the most important thing in a running shoe. Whether they%26#039;re Nikes, Sauconys, Asics, Mizunos, they need to fit your feet.

Hope this helps!
Reply:hi, please see this: http://www.anpshoes.com
Reply:1. cheap shoes can hurt you. plus sometimes they are a bit heavier than good shoes.

2. i replace my shoes when they get to small or when the tred on the bottom gets smooth.

3.i will spend 100 bucks on a pair of nikes, they last a long time. sometimes i wait for our local sport stores to have like side walk sales where you can get last years $100 shoes for 30 bucks (im also 14 so i dont have TONS of money.

All good questions!!

1. Cheap shoes really can hurt you. At your age and with the distances you%26#039;re running, you may not FEEL an injury, but you could be doing some harm to yourself that could come back to haunt you later. In my case, my feet and knees start to hurt if I use my shoes too long. As soon as I change, the pain goes away, so apparently the good shoes are doing something.

2. You could probably use your shoes for 4-6 months, but if your joints give you any problems, change them sooner.

3. Everyone has their own favorite shoes. I like Reebok the best, but can also live with New Balance. You should check discount places that sell closeouts to get good bargains. I%26#039;ve recently been able to pay between 35 and 40 dollars a pair for %26quot;last year%26#039;s model%26quot; of the $100 shoes. I don%26#039;t care what color they are or how stylish they are; I%26#039;m just trying to protect my joints.

Good luck! Running is a great sport/hobby.